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Two months ago, it was here that Mu Zixian stared blankly at a dress here for a long time,

Two months ago, it was here that Mu Zixian stared blankly at a dress here for a long time, but did not buy it. Clothes are not expensive, about one thousand yuan, every time I come here to go shopping, Mu Zixian will stay for a while, and then grit his teeth and walk over. To buy clothes for Wang Yu, Mu Zixian never hesitated, how much money is willing to spend, but not willing to buy a winter clothes for himself. No matter how simple Wang Yu was, he also knew that clothes were a woman's face. A woman who wore a dress all the year round could not raise her head in the circle of friends no matter how beautiful she was. So from that day on, Wang Yu was determined to make money and try to buy this dress for Mu Zixian with his own money. Mu Zixian said gently, "Husband, I am very happy that you have this intention. I also want him to practice martial arts when we have a child. When the time comes, the equipment and so on will be an expense.." "It doesn't matter," said Wang Yu with a smile. "I'm a man and a warrior. I'll support this family in the future! It's a man's responsibility! "Hey, isn't this Kung Fu Brother?" While Wang Yu and Mu Zixian were talking, suddenly a very annoying voice came over. Following the sound, Wang Yu saw a man wearing glasses. The man looked familiar, followed by the girl of seventeen or eighteen,faux ficus tree, who was looking at Mu Zixian in a wretched way and muttering, "I can't see that an illiterate can find such a beautiful girlfriend.." "Who are you?" Wang Yu asked in wonder. "Have you forgotten?" Asked the man with glasses? What we've seen in the talent building. Then the man with glasses turned his head and said to the girl behind him, "See, this is the kungfu brother I told you about.." Ha-ha When the girl heard this, she covered her mouth and smiled, looking at Wang Yu's eyes as if she were looking at a madman. The harsh laughter immediately reminded Wang Yu that the glasses man was the recruiter he met in the talent building yesterday. Glasses man laughs again: "Kung Fu elder brother, bring a girlfriend to buy a dress, you should go to pedestrian street,large palm trees for sale, come here can you afford?" Pedestrian Street is a famous wholesale market in the city. The clothes inside are very cheap and of poor quality, but there are many styles, which are the first choice for civilians. You're sick! When Mu Zixian heard that the man with glasses laughed at Wang Yu, he immediately became unhappy and rushed up to scold him. Glasses male complexion one black, sneer at a way: "Oh, little girl, I see you grow not bad still, look for a man to also be better than looking for a neuropathy casually!"! What do you think of my brother? You can buy whatever clothes you want here! Hearing what the man with glasses said, the little girl behind him was not happy. "Director Wang, you are so bad that you should hook up with other women in front of others!" "It doesn't matter," said the glasses man with a wretched smile. "I'll love you as well. When the time comes, the three of us.." "Get out!" A flat voice came into the ears of the bespectacled man and interrupted his foul language like a lightning strike. The glasses man was startled and raised his head to find that the speaker was Wang Yu. "What's the matter, Kung Fu? Aren't you happy to make a joke?" Said the men's glasses man indifferently. Fuck off! Don't make me hit you! Wang Yu stared at the man with glasses and said another sentence. Wang Yu most hate two things in his life, one is to insult kungfu, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,silk ficus tree, one is to insult his woman, this eye man actually poked Wang Yu's inverse scales one after another, Rao is Wang Yu's self-cultivation again, at this time also moved the real fire. Glasses man is stared at by Wang Yu, in the heart a cold, measured the gap between two people, frightened to retreat several steps. Mu Zixian was afraid that Wang Yu would make trouble, so he said coldly to the man with glasses, "My husband is rich, so I don't need your kindness!" Glasses man laughed: "Is it?"? I'm afraid he can't even get a hundred yuan out of his pocket. He had seen Wang Yu's embarrassment with his own eyes. Honey, let's go. There's no need to have the same experience as this kind of scum! Mu Zixian pulled Wang Yu and was about to leave. Wang Yu smiled, took out his bank card from his pocket, pointed to the dress that Mu Zixian liked, and said to the waiter, "I'll take this one!" "And bring me one like that!" Said Wang Yu and pointed to several other said, these are Mu Zixian favorite. When the man with glasses heard this, he was stunned. Although the clothes here are not expensive, but the price is also about one thousand to five thousand, ordinary wage earners want to buy, save money to buy one, this big man yesterday also looked embarrassed, today actually opened his mouth to spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy clothes! The glasses man's three views were immediately subverted. Glasses man is just a middle-level enterprise, with a monthly salary of only ten or twenty thousand yuan. He can't imagine buying clothes for women with so much money. Honey, are you crazy? When Mu Zixian saw that Wang Yu had spent tens of thousands of yuan, he pulled Wang Yu's clothes and whispered. "Wife," said Wang Yu lightly, "don't forget what I do. I haven't been afraid of anyone before." In the game, a dress costs tens of thousands of yuan. In reality, it is entirely reasonable to spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy clothes for his wife. Mu Zixian listened to Wang Yu's words and his face flashed a trace of worry, but he did not speak again. The speaker was unintentional and the listener was intentional. Hearing Wang Yu's words, the man with glasses was scared out of his wits: "What on earth is this boy doing?" Could it be. There are only a few jobs in the world that make money quickly, none of which can be offended by the common people. The more the glasses man thought about it, the more afraid he was. While everyone was not paying attention, he slipped away. Chapter 13 Crazy Forum. On the way back, Mu Zixian was unhappy all the time. Wang Yuxin is a little strange: "What's wrong with my wife?"? Aren't you happy? Under the street lamp, Mu Zixian raised his head, his eyes were red, and he sobbed and said, "Husband, are you going to leave me?" Confused, Wang Yu said, "What are you talking about? Why should I leave you?" "If you don't want to go back," said Mu Zixian, "where did you get your money?" "Oh, you were worried about that." Wang Yu smiled and said,large ficus tree, "Didn't I say that?"? Earn it in the game! "Earn so much in one day?"? Who believes it? Mu Zixian knew that Wang Yu would not lie, but when he heard Wang Yu say so, he still did not believe it. hacartificialtree.com