Yakuza destruction

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Out of his desire for Liu Fei's beauty, he used all kinds of means and finally snatched the beauty from the poor boy of Yingping.

Out of his desire for Liu Fei's beauty, he used all kinds of means and finally snatched the beauty from the poor boy of Yingping. He wanted to get rid of it after playing, but he didn't expect the old man to like the girl. No way, out of fear of the old man, the relationship between the two had to continue, from then on can only secretly find a woman, to have more cowardice, as time passes, to Liu Fei, he had a kind of boredom, from time to time to speak ill of her, only hope that she can not stand the initiative to leave their own, then he was liberated, but he completely regretted that he had snatched her from the hands of the winner. However, I don't know whether Liu Fei is really stupid or really fell in love with him. She has always been submissive and has no excuse. Naturally, she can't break up. So the relationship between them has continued to this day. It's a miracle that Nangong is a romantic man. For Cang! Nangong Hao's face changed. All right, all right, let's go! Nangong couldn't stand the sharp eyes of Nangong Hao, so he had to pull Liu Fei's hand and go out. Weicang, let's go to the People's Square! It should be very lively there now! "All right, the old man will back you up anyway, and you can do whatever you want." “…… For Cang,Precision Welded pipes, if you're not happy, we won't go. "Why are you so wordy?"? If you want to go, go! Or the old man will think I'm bullying you! “……” Liu Fei lowered his head, tears almost flowed out, but then he thought of something, his eyes became firm, he bit his lower lip hard, and once again he smiled at Nangong for Cang. Inside the Nangong family's villa. Old man,stainless steel 304 pipes, do you really wait like this? Nangong Hao closed his eyes sullenly after Liu Fei and Nangong Weicang went out, and Mrs. Nangong did not dare to speak much, and only after half a day did he ask such a question. Nangong Hao opened his eyes and seemed to have decided something. He said loudly, "Lao Fu!" An old man in a suit walked up to Nangong Hao. He bent down and said respectfully, "What do you want, sir?" Nangong Hao's voice was as cold as his face: "Help me contact the'broken soul '." As soon as the old man's face changed, he returned to normal and whispered, "Yes, sir." With that, he retreated slowly. Old Man, what's a 'broken soul' '? "? Mrs. Nangong obviously knew nothing about the'broken soul 'and had doubts on her face. Nangong Hao hesitated for a moment and said slowly, "They are the second killer organization in the world." "Ah!"! Do you want to "" Nangong Haoyin nodded and looked at the green tea in the teacup on the tea table. He murmured, "Wait another two days. If you fail.." Nangong's wife can't help thinking along Nangong Hao's train of thought, if she fails, she will inevitably be strongly retaliated by the Red Band, impact beam tubes ,stainless steel tube 304, when the time comes. A light snow began to fall from the sky. Ying Ping and Zhong Linger had already fought a big "battle". Zhong Linger raised his head, gasped for breath, stretched out his hands, squinted his eyes, and could not hide his excitement in his voice: "Brother, look, it's snowing again!" Two days together, under the meticulous care of Ying Ping, Zhong Linger seems to really regard him as his own brother. Ying Ping smiled and saw that Zhong Linger's hand was red. He held her hand lovingly and sent in a burst of energy. Zhong Linger pulled out his hands, but did not pull them out, so he had to let Ying Ping hold them, but he felt that his hands were hot immediately. After the painful temperature difference, it was extremely warm. Zhong Linger looked at Ying Ping, and his face did not know whether it was frozen red or blushing. He said softly, "Brother, your hands are really soft." Ying Ping loosened his hand, scraped Zhong Linger's small nose, and said with a smile, "Little devil, since it's snowing, let's go back!" "Huh?"? I'm going back. I haven't had enough fun yet. Zhong Linger said with great regret. If you want to play, I'll bring you back tomorrow. Isn't it snowing now? It must be thicker tomorrow! "But tomorrow is Monday, and there are classes!" "Class?"? I forgot. You can't escape. I don't believe you haven't escaped! "I knew my brother was the best!!!" "Wow, what are you doing?"? Don't hug, a lot of snot! Ying Ping shouted exaggeratedly, suddenly stunned, his body stiffened, because he saw two people not far away, Liu Fei and Nangong Weicang. More Wonderful Books in the Original Literature of Chasing Waves (http://www.zhulang.com) Chapter 21 Alumni Association (I) "What's the matter, brother?" Zhong Linger looked down the eyes of the winner and asked doubtfully. With a strange smile on his face, Ying Ping turned to Zhong Linger and said, "It's nothing. Go back. The snow is getting heavier and heavier." "Oh." Although Zhong Linger had doubts, he had to give up. The two men turned and walked to the sports car. Nangong Weicang was absent-mindedly accompanying Liu Fei to watch the snow. Suddenly, he saw a familiar figure. His eyes lit up. He raised his hand and said in a loud voice, "Hey!"! Win and draw! "Ah!" Hearing the cry of Nangong Weicang, Liu Fei's body suddenly shook, the happy smile on her face slowly faded away, looked at the rather excited Nangong Weicang, and then she immediately saw a familiar figure. Brother, it seems that someone is calling you. Zhong Linger said. The wind blew through the corners of his coat and shoulder-length hair, covering his face and the meaning of his faint smile. He turned around and looked at Nangong for Cang with a smile, and then deliberately made a surprised expression: "Oh, it was for brother Cang!"! It's been a long time! "Ha ha!"! I also miss your old classmate very much! Nangong greeted Cang with a big smile and gave Yingping a cordial hug. Nangong Weicang really saw the savior. Ying Ping was Liu Fei's old lover. If Ying Ping could take Liu Fei away from him, it would be the best. Even if he couldn't, he would have to find a way to frame two adulterers and adulteresses. In ancient times, there were "seven rules". I would divorce her on the charge of stealing a man. The days after that, hey.. In fact, he did not think of a casual early person on Liu Fei no matter how, but Liu Fei's usual style is very good,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and if it is a casual person, it will make the old man suspect, when the time comes self-defeating is not good. cbiesautomotive.com