The Fantasy Age of Online Games

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You can only take one thing! "There's a reward for that!" Wandering back and forth, he looked at the things on the bar in surprise and said, "I thought those (experience,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, money, reputation) were already there!"! Yes, I want this d

Resurrect, get up, open the package, float around and almost mechanically do this when you wake up at the resurrection point. "Well, I finally caught it!" He looked at his backpack with great pride. Inside, a small undead mandala was lying quietly in his backpack, emitting a pale green light. What is this He looked curiously at the skull attached to the mandala in his bag. It was a tauren skeleton. The horns on both sides were still tall and straight after many years of wind and rain. Piaolaidang area hurriedly according to Xiao Mengyue's teaching, looking at the skeleton to check the attributes, "the skull of the tauren, the skull of the tauren who has been dead for a long time, is still intact after years of weathering, is a very strong skull." This attribute is written very strange, let float around a little confused, however, a very solid skull should be very good. He hurriedly put the skull into his bag and ran toward the graveyard. At the same time, he opened his character attributes and saw that there was an additional talent, "Death Howl Immunity, the same level of spirit, that is, death magic resistance increased by 50%, the same level of low level,Magnesium Sulphate producer, that is, death magic resistance increased by 70%, and the high level (within 10 levels higher) resistance increased by 30%.". When was this added? Wandering around, I hurriedly went to check the system messages like a fool. In the message full of "You have been killed due to the attack of death howl", I finally saw one in the last place, "Since you have been killed 150 times in a row by death howl, after this attack,Magnesium Oxide powder, you will be immune to this magic. Congratulations to the player." Is there such a good thing? Floating around suddenly feel very proud, it seems to die to die a little more, there is nothing wrong with it! (Idiot.. Idiot But though dying is a waste of time (is that a bit?) But the task is still to be completed! After so many times of death baptism, the body can hardly feel any stiffness now. The stiffness condition that could not be eliminated until level 10 has been eliminated bit by bit because the rookie set a super record of 151 consecutive deaths during level 0. There is no doubt that the eyesight of the special forces broke out in this mission, and they began to collect skeletons very quickly. Hey, so boring ah, that boy has not come back until now, how to do ah, but just get some bones, how can it take so much time? The old ghoul was sitting behind the counter with a bored expression, and his green nails were being carefully trimmed with a nail clipper. "Really, he has a good aptitude. I didn't expect it would take so much time to do such a little thing!" A crash interrupted his soliloquy, and a figure swished in. I've collected my things, Mr. Deeds. Floated and rushed into the room, but did not want to look like a shop inside the bunker has become like a pub, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, the hall set up more than N tables and chairs. Although he had been able to control his body better, he still failed to stop, hit it and made the sound of "touch" before. Ah, you're finally ready, the day Lily I'm waiting for is almost cold. Dees yawned helplessly. "Here, show me the bones you've collected." "Good." He floated back and forth and quickly handed over the ten skeletons in his hands. Nice, yeah, aren't these the reinforced bones? I remember they all have undead mandala under them. How did you get it? Diss, who had only glanced at it, stared in surprise. At this time, I heard a "ding" sound from the system, "Complete the task'Dis's request ', complete 100%, very perfect, gain experience 400, silver coins 30, reputation 10 points." At the same time, a white light fell from the sky and covered him, and the system's "Ding Ding" sounded continuously in his ears, "Your level has risen by 1, and now you are level 1." "Your level goes up by 1.." Until "Your level goes up by 1. Now you are level 3." Until then. "I actually pulled out the mandala as well." He floated around and took out the mandala with a smile. In front of me, my eyes were blurred and I almost fainted. "You, you, you, you said you pulled them out?" He said, pointing with a trembling finger. "Yes." He told him the process of the matter very seriously and honestly. After hearing that he had died 151 times in one breath, he finally came up without breathing and rushed to the street magnificently. Chapter 9 Rookie Growth Path (3) Floated to and fro, standing in front of the bar, receiving someone's saliva spray attack, but in his heart he could not help but want to titter. Just now, just now that someone actually pounced on the street. And it's not a general attack on the street, it's the kind of attack that almost knocks over the bar. Never seen such a funny thing before, this game is really fun. Puff, puff. "Enough, don't think I can't see you in high spirits when I'm old!" Diss finally stopped scolding, and when he saw him bow his head, he shouted angrily again. Yes, I know. Floated around and shrugged his shoulders helplessly. Forget it, I won't haggle with you, and remember not to do such dangerous things in the future! Diss waved his hand. All right He felt a little touched and nodded immediately. All right, now I'll give you a reward. Dees magically took out a bag of gear from under the bar and put it on the not-so-big bar, and then asked, "Well, what do you want?"? You can only take one thing! "There's a reward for that!" Wandering back and forth, he looked at the things on the bar in surprise and said, "I thought those (experience,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, money, reputation) were already there!"! Yes, I want this dagger. 。