The sky is changing

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Why can she work in Zhongsheng Group? She is the apple of Xue Jie's eye, why Ji Jinchuan and Gu Jinchen are not willing to look at her more.

Niya had already come to her senses by this time. She grabbed Di Fuya and said, "Your Highness, the weather is not right. Let's go quickly. Let's go back to the palace first and find a life teacher to save Viscount Zhou." With these words, she tugged at Difuya and ran away. She knew very well that such an ordinary person as Zhou Weiqing was hit head-on by Difuya's rubbing skills, and the possibility of survival was very small. At this time, she had to leave the scene first, otherwise, once she was seen by others, it would really be over. Leaving here first is the most correct choice. Although there are not many fire beading masters in the Sky Bow Empire, Princess Difuya is not the only one. As long as she is not at the scene, everything has room for manoeuvre. Zhou Weiqing lay on the ground, unable to move, but he clearly listened to the footsteps of Difuya and Niya leaving. At this moment, he felt as if his whole body was immersed in lava hell, the blood in his body seemed to be boiling, and every time he opened his mouth, a reddish mist came out of his mouth. The back that was bombarded by the burst fireball was not painful, because it was already completely numb, but the hot fire poison was eroding every part of his body. If he could be rescued by a life-oriented Yizhu teacher just after being attacked by Difuya, maybe he still had a chance to survive, but at this time,jacuzzi bath spa, the fire poison had invaded his heart, and life was going away from him bit by bit. Zhou Weiqing is a very optimistic person by nature, otherwise, as the son of a marshal, he is an ordinary person who can not practice, and it is impossible for him to live so comfortably. He doesn't want to die. He doesn't want to die at all. He still has a lot of things he wants to do. He could not have imagined that he would die at the hands of his fiancee. In fact, his heart is not particularly hate Difuya,endless swimming pool, he only hate why God did not give him a body to practice, if he can also become a royal pearl teacher, then everything will be different. Strong resentment, like substance, kept coming out of Zhou Weiqing. He swore ferociously in his heart: "Di Fuya, if I can survive this time, one day, I will make you kneel down in front of me and beg me to marry you.". And then I'll throw you away like an old shoe. After this last oath, Zhou Weiqing's consciousness has begun to blur gradually, even the burning feeling has become weaker and weaker, is my life really going to end like this? This was the last thought in his mind. Just then, suddenly, there was a loud bang, a roar like a thunderbolt on his head, and Zhou Weiqing, indoor endless pool ,Chinese spa manufacturer, who was in a semi-comatose state, woke up temporarily. His eyes widened, and what he saw was a very strange picture. A black crack appeared in the air three feet away in front of him, and the air, like a huge eye, quietly tore open to both sides. Because of the violent roar before, Zhou Weiqing was shocked with his mouth wide open, and a mouthful of pale red blood mist spurted out of his mouth. Also at this time, in the black crack, a group of strange brilliance like the pupil of the huge black eyes appeared quietly, it is a spherical body, the size of a baby's fist, the body is as dark as ink, but it is rendered with blue, blue and silver tricolor brilliance. Zhou Weiqing's mouthful of blood mist just sprayed on the strange black bead. Suddenly, an extremely cold breath that Zhou Weiqing had never felt before burst from the black beads and rushed into Zhou Weiqing's body in an instant. Zhou Weiqing's body trembled violently, and all the heat and burning sensation before had disappeared in an instant. He felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. His already confused mood suddenly became very excited at this moment, and everything around him became very clear in his six senses. The black bead seemed to be pulled by some force in his body, whoosh, directly into his mouth, Zhou Weiqing only felt a cold throat, the whole body like an ice sculpture, all consciousness has been instantly closed, a black eyes, fainted. The crack above Zhou Weiqing's body closed quietly, and then the sky, which had been as dark as ink for a moment, calmed down, the dark clouds like ink slowly dispersed, and the sun once again fell on the forest of stars, and of course, on the small lake of ice springs. ---------------- The mistress said that if all the points were pushed to the top five today, it would be the third watch. Book friends, come on, cast your precious recommendation votes together to support the new book, rush to the fifth and there will be a third watch. The second shift will be around 5 pm. Thank you all for your support. is the fastest to update the full text by hand. Su Suíè om Episode 1 Dzi Bead Awakening Chapter 2 Demon Black Bead (1) is the fastest to update the full text by hand. Su Suíè om The forest of stars, the ice spring and the lakeside. Zhou Weiqing's body was almost lying on the ground in a big shape, and the whole person had fallen into a deep coma. But, by this time, strange changes had begun to appear in his body. First appeared on his body, is a layer of black light, although the sun reappeared in the sky, but his body scattered this layer of dark breath is still so deep. The black light, like a cocoon, quietly wrapped Zhou Weiqing's body, which had been bombarded by a burst fireball before,hot tub wholesale, and in some places the heavy injuries that had exposed his ribs were healing with the naked eye. The most shocking thing is that when the muscles and meridians behind him heal, we can see that his bones, muscles and meridians are rendered with a thick layer of gray.